So Call Me Pollyanna

So the last days of summer are upon us.  The sudden scorching temperatures have been a bonus. Sort of.  Late walks with Puppy sans sweater –

definitely something to be thankful for in September.

There’s always a thank God. (Okay, so call me Pollyanna!) My mum’s oft-quoted proverb – remember Every cloud has a silver lining ? – cliché, perhaps,  but true.  If you look hard enough.  

I’m learning to live in a state of Perpetual Gratitude.  A marvelous space to operate from.  (Gratitude mode doesn’t happen automatically.  It begins as a conscious discipline.  It takes work – intentional effort – to  re-programme a mind that seems factory-set to expect the worst.) 

People find me irritating at times.   “Do you always have to look at the bright side of things?”    

Anwser: I do.   Or else I’d shrivel up inside and my world would turn into a hideous, frightening place.  And no, I’m not faking it.  


So summer’s done – pretty much.   

Today I’m thankful for Tranquil Summer Garden –

(1) Thankful for Pools of Peace to pause and reflect in 

  • img_20160709_151623000
    A spot to nap and journal under Apple Tree
    • img_7289
      A place to pray and write


(2)  Thankful for frozen iced coffees and fresh fruit slushies courtesy of trusty Nutri Ninja .

900 watts, a powerful beast!
Frozen lemonade slushies for friends










      (3)  Thankful for lovely lunchtime visits.  

Reshma in the Secret Garden.
Praying Friends (Clockwise from left: Bev, Jessie, Berna, Wai Ling, Terryl








(4) Thankful for gourmet garden time, joy of friendship, outdoor cookery, laughter.

(5)  Thankful for Our Friend Jim (see Never Again). Without him we would have no summer garden this year.

Our Friend Jim and Puppy, best buddies

(6) Thankful for Jimmy Zhu, official Paid Mower of Lawn.  (I’m finally off the hook and Lawn never looked so good.)

 (5)  Thankful for beauty to wake up to each morning.

Thankful Cancer Survivor –

Honey-Do list
He, me and Puppy make three

This week’s assignment:  Look for silver linings.

Negative thoughts make you sick

Thankful no matter what.


PS: Share the love, like this page and follow.  Until next time …

 All the pictures in this post are random clicks from my Ipad and phone.





7 thoughts on “So Call Me Pollyanna

  1. This was a wonderful blog, Sonali. You take lovely pictures and I enjoyed looking at them all. I had the first 3 Pollyanna books from my aunt as a little girl in the bush. Loved and lived them!!

    Love you, Hugs and kisses xxoo



  2. Hey, Polly! Another inspiring post. Thank you. I loved Pollyanna as a kid…well, actually I was in love with Hayley Mills, but that’s another story. I was mortified when she was murdered in Agatha Christie’s ‘Endless Night’, but at least she came back to haunt the b…..d! Nice memories. Great post. Ant.

    Liked by 1 person

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