Synchro … what??



“It’s weird, Rosie. I walked into Winners and the shelves came alive.  As if the display had been contrived just for me. The words were flying out from everywhere. Odd thing is, I hadn’t planned to go there. Just felt an overwhelming urge as I drove by, so I popped in.”

I show pictures –IMG_20160117_150601






There was more.

I met Rosalyn two years ago, on Fanstory,  a website for writers.   Turned out she lived round the corner, not in Alaska, Australia or … Timbuctoo!

We meet at Tim Hortons


 to talk about writing and … our dreams. The more we talk, the less unattainable they seem.

Rosalyn scrolls through the pictures on my phone. I chatter on –

“The same thing happened when I visited my cousin in Ohio over the Thanksgiving weekend. We went on an unplanned shopping trip and – oh, my goodness! – the place was alive with … dreams, Rosie.  Look!”

More pictures –








“It’s called universal synchronicity,” Rosalyn volunteered.

“Synchro … what?”

“That’s what my son says it is. It means the universe is trying to tell you something.”

“The universe? You mean God?”

“Whatever you like to call it. Something’s trying to communicate with you.”

“To encourage me to keep dreaming?”

“I guess so.  Yes!”

“A man almost collided into my shopping cart last week. My eyes popped out of my head when the lettering on his T-shirt began to screech!”


Rosalyn grins. “You got a picture?”

“I chased him down the Walmart parking lot and asked it I could. Told him the words were significant. Said I wasn’t a crazy woman!”

She chuckles. “You dared?”

“He obliged.  I had to record the moment. This stuff has been happening a lot lately.”

I flash more pictures –









My words trip over one another. “I’ve caught more than a thousand moments  on my phone, Rosie.  Look at what I saw last Saturday, on a shelf at Winners.  It had no business there – ladies’ section, face up – staring at me … ”


“It kind of grew and screamed … honest!  I was rushing past, not really looking.”  I barely pause for breath.  “I found a belated Christmas present in my mailbox some days back. From a friend I haven’t met in ages. I almost jumped out of my skin when I opened the package and  saw the words on the picture frame.”


A dream come true!

Rosalyn, bless her, is never sceptical. 

“I had to see someone on Saturday. When I drove into the parking lot of her building, something grew out of the corner of my eye. It filled my line of vision.

Rosalyn looks amused. “You took a picture, of course.”

“Of course!”


“It was parked at the far end. There was absolutely no reason for me to notice it.”

“And then I had this compelling to drop in at Indigo Books.  I hadn’t been there  in ages.  This  paper weight jumped up the moment I walked in –


The words seemed to be on every item that caught my eye. Suddenly, I heard a child’s voice mumbling, ‘Dream bigger, darling’.  I got goose bumps.  The kid was reading out loud.  He held a pencil case in his hands, the words were etched on it.  It felt pleasant, you know, and kind of weird!”

It’s snowing outside. The medium white hot chocolate is warm in my hands. I take a deep breath and sigh. “I’m excited, Rosie!”

“Me too,” Rosalyn replies.  “This synchronicity thing has been happening to me too!”










This post is dedicated to my friends – Rosalyn (who’s such a wonderful listener), Alice (who delighted me with the unexpected gift) and Karen (who dropped it off in my mailbox).  With my love and thanks.


4 thoughts on “Synchro … what??

  1. Hi, Selina.
    Love the title, Syncho…what? Your post is fabulous. Your messages are always so encouraging and enlightening.
    You’ve put the biggest smile on my face. How wonderful a friend you are!
    Rosalyne 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! I especially liked this post. The message is loud and clear, isn’t it? Don’t you just love serendipitous moments? And it seems you’ve had many over the last couple of months. Write on, sister!

    Liked by 1 person

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