Someone To Believe


 “There’s no emergency contact in your file, ma’am.  Could I have a relative’s name?”

 “I’m the only one left. They’re all gone.”

 All gone?

I’m at the local hospital for my annual mammogram and bone density test.

(Oh, by the way


… I’m a grateful breast cancer survivor.  Seven years.)

The perplexed secretary persists. “How about a friend?”

“All gone,” the old lady replies.  I exhale when she adds, “I can give you my husband’s name and number.”

The secretary is as relieved as I am.

I find a seat and await my turn. The words scream in my head –

 All gone … the only one left …

 How awful. 

What happens when the husband goes? 

Has she outlived her children? 

Did she have any? 

Not one friend?

Awful.  Awful. Just awful.

I lean back and close my eyes for a moment.   Faces come crowding into my mind.  My heart swells with gratitude. 

The random digital clicks on my mobile phone provide me with a gallery of pictures that inspire the ramblings on this blog.

This one


reminds me to  be thankful for the people in my life who might think I’m a little weird, sometimes outright crazy, but still believe in me. 

They root for me.  They encourage me to


 They cheer –




– and shower me with


when yet another door seems to slam in my face.  They give me a reason to hang on, keep dreaming.

I am thankful for those who believe that



This is my prayer for you, reader – and for myself, of course!







Just think –


Because it’s 


                                                                                                                                   you know!


4 thoughts on “Someone To Believe

  1. Dearest Sonali! You are one of those rare people who rise above the mediocrity most mere mortals dwell in. You see things in a different light. The glass is always half full. You shine brightly in a world that slumbers dully and you live on a page many can only dream about. You have dared to dream…to reach for the stars…and the stars have deigned to bow themselves before you. You are a conqueror; you have overcome insurmountable odds…and you share your life so freely with others. Those ‘others’ are blessed to know you. You are an inspiration; a shining light. You are also a testimony to that greater power that enables you to shine so brilliantly. I am honoured to call you ‘friend’. (Besides, anyone who quotes Pooh must be worth knowing!)

    Liked by 1 person

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