That Second Moment


“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!” 

Hug. Hug.  Kiss. Kiss.

My two daughters look quite pleased with themselves.  (I don’t  crave the usual mother-ish offerings, and I’m inconveniently allergic to perfume – they find me difficult to shop for, they say.)

A recycled paper gift bag and smiles.   A swirl of tissue paper falls back to reveal a plaque. 

This one –

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Lots of love xxx

 A single word – BELIEVE. 

 There’s something familiar about the picture …


It’s a piece from the Kelly Rae Roberts Collection – the companion to the one I received at Christmas.  Remember … Dream Big?

 This one – 


“Love it, dolls! Thank you.  So … why’d you pick this one?” 

 The not-so-little darlings shrug.  “It sort of seemed the kind of thing you’d go for.”

It is?

The word comes alive.  It wiggles and belly-dances – it’s gyrating, pirouetting madly.  Can no one else see?

Believe.  Believe.  BELIEVE. 

 This is my second moment of spine-tingling, time-stood-still eureka …

From then on, Believe  charges at me from every imaginable nook, and  I embark  on a gleeful digital rampage, snapping the  avalanche of  moments.

Like this one –


I even purchase a couple of the apparitions – the portable, affordable ones – and create a wall of BELIEVE in the bathroom.  First thing in the morning, last thing at night and a couple of times in between, I’m reminded to … BELIEVE.   



This afternoon a young lady employee almost collides into me in the produce section of the supermarket.  My eyes pop out of my head when I see what she’s wearing.

“I hope you don’t think I’m crazy,” I venture diffidently.  “The words on your shirt … I sort of collect them.  May I take a picture?” 

She obligingly strikes a pose.  I click. 

 Here she is –



Dream Big for Christmas and Believe on Mother’s Day.

 Okay.  So what next?



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