Never Too Old!

It’s early Sunday morning.  I’m sitting in my bedside recliner with my journal and pen.

“The newest bond girl is fifty years old,” the voice says.  “Two decades older than the average.” 

My ears prick up.  A picture of a gorgeous woman  flashes on the TV screen. 

Here she is …

Meet The First 50-Year-Old Bond Girl

Stunning Monica Bellucci, 50, makes history as oldest Bond girl as she promotes latest 007 film Spectre alongside Naomie Harris and Léa Seydoux.

In a year when meaty movie roles for women 50-plus were as rare as crow’s feet on Rodeo Drive, it’s gratifying to see the news from London that Monica Bellucci, at 50, is about to become the oldest Bond “Girl” ever.
I don’t claim to be a Bond fan, but I’m exultant.

Way to go, New Bond Girl – you made my day!

You just reignited my faith to believe that    

                IT’S NEVER TOO  LATE TO DREAM ….





7 thoughts on “Never Too Old!

  1. Hey, Selina! Nice start to your new blog. Go girl!

    I thought you were about to launch into a rave over the Hollywood portrayal of women as sex objects, then realised you are taking a rather different tack. I agree with you. It IS refreshing to see older women taking such roles, and to observe a departure from the ‘you’re-only-worthy-when-you’re-young-and-pretty’ mentality. I do note, however, that Monica Bellucci is, shall we say, aging ‘gracefully’, and few would probably pick her as a 50-year-old. On the other hand, Monica proves that women still are, can be, should be, perceived as ‘beautiful’ in their own right, even if/when they do not adhere to the standards typically set by the procurators of the silver screen. There are many types of beauty and women can raise their heads proudly. At every stage of life, every woman is beautiful in her own way. Sometimes it takes an appreciative eye to observe it…


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